James Presley Longhorns

Darryl & Denise Presley
478 Doak Mason Rd
Jackson, TN 38305


What year did you join the Millennium Futurity?

What’s your fondest Millennium Futurity memory? If you're new and don't have one, then what do you look forward to in the future?
Once I found out how the Millennium Futurity was conducted I knew this was an event we wanted to attend. To be able to purchase an animal on Friday and have it automatically entered on Saturday with the possibility of winning was the most intriguing idea I had run across. our family poured over the catalog trying to pick out an animal that might place in the Saturday Futurity. Our dream came true when we were able to purchase a beautiful heifer on Friday that placed third in her class...and we actually won a nice check! I can't imagine another format that has the ability to pull a new breeder in more than the Millennium Futurity.

What’s your favorite futurity animal that you’ve had in the past? If you're new and don't have one yet which breeding in your herd are you looking forward to the most in 2022 competition or beyond?
The ability to bring a nice young bull, as well as a heifer, to the event. To bring animals to showcase what we're trying to build gives us a platform for showing, not just selling, especially when we're trying to build our herd.