4 Oaks Farm

David & Angie Wulf
3397 E 400 North Rd
McLean, IL 61754

What year did you join the Millennium Futurity?
We joined up in the summer of 2021.

What’s your fondest Millennium Futurity memory?
Our very first Millennium was this past spring of 2021. We had so much fun! Loved the "family" environment that we felt the minute we got there. I think my most favorite memory though is when Bubba Bollier brought baby lemurs. Auggie was OBSESSED with them and Bubba was such a great sport letting Auggie follow (stalk) him everywhere that whole weekend. It's what we love most about longhorn folks, they are so wonderful and accepting of all walks of life- including to us and our kiddos and that means so much to us. The Millennium was no exception to that family feel and acceptance that we love so much and we are so thrilled to be bigger part of it.

What’s your favorite futurity animal that you’ve had in the past?
EASY! But, it’s two…Snapdragon and Junie. In 2018, we almost gave up. Sold out. Quit. We were going to keep 2 longhorns and the horse and call it good.

Then, Snapdragon was born and exactly one month later, Junie was born. We had 3 calves born that year- all 3 heifers, one of them was white. We decided we would go ahead and show Snapdragon and Junie and at least have some fun with them. Snap was WILDLY colored and a big girl with a big booty and Junie seemed to be putting on an above average amount of horn and, although she was smaller than Snap, she had such a nice deeper body with clean lines. We had the opportunity to sell a group of cattle to an awesome venue to College Station and there just so happened to be the TLBGCA Futurity and Cattle Baron’s sale around the time these folks were ready for our group of cattle. Miss Waneta June was just old enough for the Little Princess Class of that show and Snap in Class 1. That weekend changed everything. We had NO CLUE what to expect but Junie ended up winning her class and then she ended up taking High Point Heifer. It was an honor when Terry King came up and offered to buy her from us and then Chase Vasut came up and asked if she was for sale- I melted into a sloppy puddle onto the floor! That night we were on cloud 9 and I’m not sure we’ve ever came back down! We went on to show them in as many shows as our busy work schedules and lives could take them to. We made so many memories that will never be replaced with our family that can never be replaced. Those two brought back the FUN of raising longhorns for us and we can never thank them enough for it. Single handedly, they taught us so much not only about futurities but also how to get a better read on animals that are better quality and to not be afraid to take chances with your breeding program by asking for breeding opportunities from experienced, proven breeding programs and utilizing AI to catapult a program forward! They have now had babies of their own for us and we still can’t believe the two of them live in our pasture.